Helping businesses play the long game of success, building confidence, clarity and motivation to win their avatar client.

Welcome to Charmaine Renaud

Author, Mentor and Natural Healer

Charmaine Renaud is an author, mentor and natural healer. Motivating business owners to play the long game of success, building Confidence, Clarity and Motivation to win their avatar client.


Charmaine was the director of her own natural health clinic established from 1995 for twenty-five years to 2020. 


She understands the ups and downs of being a business owner, juggling family life while creating a profitable healing business initially working from home for 18 years. However, to reach the next level, the level of success that she dreamed about, she needed to expand her thinking and move out of her comfort zone physically, mentally, and financially. 


Going from a sole trader to employing staff, working from home to paying commercial rent, taking the next step was one of her scariest things to do, afraid of losing financially and connection with her family. 


Building on her natural healing capability, discovering a mentor created confidence to develop and implement an action plan for success over 5 years. In the process, the home-based business transformed to a commercial premises, therefore making it a more valuable, saleable business. Keep reading…

What is a mentor?

A mentor is a person with specialised knowledge whom you may enlist to educate and motivate you either in your personal life, your career or both

Why have a mentor?

  1. Increased knowledge – resources, toolkits
  2. Constructive criticism for growth and motivation
  3. Personal growth – physically and financially 
  4. Words of encouragement – personal cheerleader
  5. Firm boundaries – have clarity for self-branding
  6. Unbiased opinions creating discussions with good outcomes
  7. Trusted ally who supports you
  8. Goal setting that stirs the passionate heart 
  9. New perspectives – enlightenment for growth attracting the Avatar Client
  10. Networking connections – building your presence with Confidence

Hear from my Clients

I started working with Charmaine as her web developer when she was doing acupuncture and cupping. Charmaine noticed the areas that I was having trouble with in my business and offered her guidance. I’m now feeling more confident, I have better time management and I’m finally reaching my full potential. I would highly recommend reaching out to Charmaine. She is quite intuitive and may even pick up issues you don’t even know that you are having.” 

Ryan Thomas

Golden Wattle Studios

What are your business desires?

✔ Sustainable motivation to achieve success

✔ Internal confidence to grow my business

✔ Clarity to attract my Avatar Client

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