Charmaine Renaud

Author and Health Mentor

Mentoring everyday people for healing to know their purpose, and identity
enabling a life full of joy and love.

Wayne PITT
Wayne PITT
Informative relaxing knowledgable thorough
Pick A Lily Florist Rachel Eaton
Pick A Lily Florist Rachel Eaton
Amazing. The best way I can describe this experience is after a while, I started to feel "more normal" than ever- and forgot about the previous pain I was in. Well worth the investment. Thank you Charmaine
Pauline King
Pauline King
Thankyou Charmaine. I was getting lost in my health journey, however, your Kick Start Your Metabolism sessions, has given me back my passion to be healthy and happy. The food choices were very easy and filling, the menu planning encouraged me to be more organised and the mind set sessions were invaluable as they refreshed my goals to better health. I am now motivated, dedicated and inspired to continue my health journey. Recommended.
Peggy Good
Peggy Good
The gift of having Charmaine come into my life in Alberta, Canada will always intrigue me......Charmaine's knowledge, experience, compassion and expertise is healing and saving "ME"! My gratitude!
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas
Charmaine has helped me increase my revenue and organize my time to better help my clients.
Kirsty Fields
Kirsty Fields
Charmaine is lovely and reassuring. I've been seeing her to try out acupuncture which I've never had before for an injury I sustained many years ago and the cupping in particular has offered me great relief for a number of weeks after each treatment. I'm really glad for her help.
Riette Dac
Riette Dac
Charmaine is amazing woman to work with. As a practitioner and a long time friend, I have always been blessed with true healing, love, compassion and inspiration. I have no hesitation in recommending Charmaine to anyone, who will cheer you along your healing journey, guide you throughout the journey and help you wholeheartedly when you feel like giving up.
Sharon Brown
Sharon Brown
I have found Charmaine's sessions to be very insightful and knowledgeable giving me the tools to be empowered to make changes within myself and my surroundings.
Sigrid de Kaste - Stickybeak Marketing
Sigrid de Kaste - Stickybeak Marketing
Being part of the Women's Health Hub is a fantastic way of staying focused, feeling part of a Community and having clear direction from Charmaine! ...and GREAT value, too! Thanks Charmaine for providing this opportunity.

Welcome to Charmaine Renaud

Author and Natural Health Mentor

Mentoring everyday people for healing to know their purpose, and identity
enabling a life full of joy and love.


Are you struggling with good health? or


Feeling overwhelmed and not sure which way to turn emotionally and physically? or


Facing a really steep and scary learning curve but don’t know where to turn for help?


Or terrified of joining the 1 in 2 Australians who have ill health?


The question is – what can you do about it?


The answer – work with a personal health mentor.


Research clearly indicates that having a personal health mentor can make all the
difference between struggling and thriving.


According to ACT Government Health, the top 3 diseases causing the greatest burden continue to be:

  1. Cancer
  2. Mental health conditions
  3. Musculoskeletal conditions


Charmaine’s own healing journey after recovering from severe illness through using natural healing methods has led her passion to empower others to live happy, healthy, heartfelt lives. Driving her to create proven programs Kickstart your Metabolism, Summon your Strength, Master your Hormones and Mindset Mastery.


Charmaine has dedicated her life to natural health practices helping hundreds of clients regain their health and vitality through both in person, Speaking
Engagements, groups and individual Mentorships. Holding qualifications in
Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, remedial massage, kinesiology,
reflexology, Chinese herbs, and other related modalities, making her a highly
qualified healer.


Using a multi-modality approach encouraging and uplifting clients, Charmaine
includes her Christian walk to mentor people and help them have freedom for –

  • Confidence and clarity
  • Pain relief to enjoy activities.
  • Increased energy for positive living
  • Balanced emotions in home and work life
  • Helping one to stress less to focus on parts of life you love  


Charmaine has been where you are now – facing many challenges of feeling unwell,
juggling family life, trying to have energy while still staying true to her values and being her best. It’s not easy on your own!

Realising to reach vibrant health Charmaine dreamed about, she needed to expand her thinking and move out of her comfort zone physically, mentally, to have support,
and guidance.


Taking the next steps to vibrant health was a series of scary challenges. She was
afraid of losing life and of losing connection with her family.


The good news is that Charmaine overcame all these issues, learnt a lot, and in the last twenty-seven years of wellness has run 6 half marathons and maintains exceptional health today.


Attributing much of her health to working with a mentor and her studies, this gave her the skills and confidence to develop and implement an action plan for healing. In the process, her home life transformed into a far happier home which is peaceful and calmer today.


Charmaine has learned to Play the Long Game of good health and uses her
knowledge to help people journey on the healing pathway.


Book a free, no-obligation, 20-minute meeting with Charmaine. If you are ready to take your wellness to the next level, then Charmaine is ready to help you reap the
rewards you deserve.

What are your health desires?

✔ Sustaining motivation to achieve wellness physically and or emotionally

✔ Internal confidence with practical actions to move forward

✔ Clarity to attract vibrant health and goodness

Identify your goals

Hear from my Clients

She is quite intuitive and may even pick up issues you don’t even know that you are having.” 

Ryan Thomas

As a mother and full-time health practitioner, I found myself neglecting my own self-
care. However, my perspective changed after seeking guidance from Charmaine.
She has awakened in me the significance of prioritising self-care, as it directly impacts my ability to provide for my family and clients. Achieving and maintaining
balance is an ongoing journey, and I am grateful for Charmaines’s continued support and guidance physically and emotionally along the way.” 

Jennifer Coleman BHSc

I enjoyed your book “Proven Tolls to Heal Yourself Naturally”. Of course, it’s a lot of
what I already know from all the knowledge you were gracious enough to share with
me to build me into the amazing practitioner I am today.” 

Kate Pattison

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