10 Reasons to have a Mentor!

Over the past 25 years in business, there have been ups and downs however having a mentor was a most valuable tool to help business growth and sustainability.

Firstly what is a Mentor? – A mentor is a person with specialised knowledge whom you may enlist to educate and motivate you either in your personal life, your career, or both.

Secondly here are 10 reasons to have a Mentor:

  1. Increased knowledge – resources, toolkits
  2. Constructive criticism for growth and motivation
  3. Personal growth – physically and financially
  4. Words of encouragement – personal cheerleader
  5. Firm boundaries – have clarity for self-branding
  6. Unbiased opinions create discussions with good outcomes
  7. A trusted ally who supports you
  8. Goal setting that stirs the passionate heart
  9. New perspectives – enlightenment for growth attracting the Avatar Client
  10. Networking connections – building your presence with Confidence

It is these 10 reasons that will help a business owner sustain motivation helping them achieve success while increasing confidence to grow business while attracting the Avatar Client with clarity.

A great result!

If you need advice for

  • Practical guidance with the sales process
  • Proposal drafting skills to engage the client
  • Tips for cash flow management
  • Converting business vision to a structured plan

Contact Charmaine for a 30-minute discussion to see if she can help.

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