A Letter of Love

You can be Free as the Wind?

This handwritten, warm loving letter by my daughter, Bonita September 2014 helped me Stop, Reflect, and Relax. As my life’s journey evolving with my husband as we decided to leave our family home of 14 years. Always living in the local hills district of 24 years, to build a new home, at Brighton for a sea change. This shift included moving my 18 year old home grown natural healing business into a local commercial premises, to continue supporting women naturally.

To Mum from Daughter

Firstly, we love you always and this letter is in no way meant to upset you, just remind you that you have support, love and strength to do what you want to do.

Over the last month you’ve gone through a lot of change with buying two properties and changing how life works. This change is new and no doubt at times scary, daunting, exciting and challenging. Whilst none of us know exactly what you’re going through, your family are here full of support always.

You’ve always been the glue and strength through everything and we love you for that. However, now it’s our turn for us to be that for you. So if family dinner, treatments, or anything is all adding pressure to you then please say so. You are not alone in this change and we all want to help you where we can. Sometimes the hardest but most rewarding part is asking for ‘help’ or ’asking for a silent comforting hug’. At the end of the day we are here if you need us or not, and we all love you unconditionally.

Please don’t feel that you have to carry the pressure alone as it is easier when you share the load.

We are very proud of you and know you’ll do great as your strong, beautiful and powerful.

We love you always and forever

Love always your daughter

Bonita xxxx

As you soak in these heartfelt words and reminders, I feel the same way for you. This is why my passion to be healthy naturally includes support and love for you. I love watching the magic unfold, seeing you love and flourish as you enjoy your life to the full.



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