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My passion is to help women who struggle with stress and anxiety, hormonal issues, weight gain, and exhaustion, to reclaim their JoyFeel Fantastic, and be Naturally Healthy.

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Author, Speaker and Natural Healer


Motivating people who struggle with Stress and Anxiety, Hormone Issues, Weight Gain, exhaustion and general feeling of overwhelm. These people are often nurturing everyone else forgetting about themselves.

Charmaine has been the director of her own natural health clinic which was established in 1995 (some twenty-five years ago). During that time Charmaine has completed hundreds of treatments helping people regain health and vitality with a practical hands on approach including tele-health. 

With industry certified qualifications Charmaine is a highly skilled and experienced practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, remedial massage, kinesiology, reflexology, Chinese herbs, AcuGraph and related modalities. Throughout this busy life Charmaine has found time to complete six half marathons and support a happy family.

"her passion to empower others"

Charmaine’s personal health journey recovering from severe ill health, and her passion to empower others to live happy, healthy, heartfelt lives, has driven her to create her proven signature program 5 Keys to Master your Lifestyle.


Programs to help you succeed are available on the website or see Charmaine in-house through speaking engagements or mentoring sessions with groups or individuals.


Having written books explaining strategies to feel calm, motivated, nurtured, energised, averting the Path of Depression.  Charmaine has been able to allow people to discover the true Authentic person they are to Feel Fantastic.


If you would like the same for you, contact Charmaine via email or phone.

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