Ancient Cupping

You can slim down your looks while feeling amazingly perfect.

Applying glass Cups to the skin releases tension and toxins from the body. These glass Cups are warmed internally (creating a vacuum) before placing on the skin’s acupressure points or the source of tight muscles for pain and tension release.


Increasing blood flow where the Cup has been placed improves healing to release unwanted pain and toxins. 


This Ancient Therapy has been used in China for thousands of years – there are recordings in Egypt of Cups used for healing from approximately 1500BC. 


Ancient Cupping Therapy is useful for:

  • Stress, tight muscle Release
  • Back and shoulder pain Improvement
  • Natural colds and flu release
  • Bacterial Detoxification of the body including antitoxin
  • Restrictive Lung conditions – asthma, debilitating coughs 
  • Gastrointestinal conditions – irritable bowel, constipation


After Appling this therapy, you may have dark spots on your skin ranging in colour from pink to purple. Generally, these spots are not painful and will fade approximately 3-7 days later. This result is the drawing effect of the Cups, releasing congestion and toxins from the internal body. On subsequent treatments the skin will not discolour to the same degree, which indicates your health improvement.


Contra-indications of Ancient Cupping

If you are pregnant, have inflamed or open skin, cramping or you bleed easily then Cupping may not be recommended as part of the treatment. Please ensure you discuss with the practitioner if this is you.


Additional treatments

After an Acupuncture and or Cupping treatment, Chinese Herbs may be recommended to take home to compliment your treatment. These Chinese Herbs in pill form often called “Magic pills” by clients are user friendly and easy to consume.