Anxiety Treatment for Katrina 

Anxiety No longer for Katrina

One of my most beautiful moments in my career was Katrina, a 32 year old mother of a 5 year old daughter. She had an anxiety condition which she battled for 28 years with anxiety symptoms of being very timid, and afraid to socialise. She was felt lost and afraid of life. Her anxiety scared her so much she found it difficult to speak up for herself especially in a crowd.

At first she was sceptical that anyone could help her to reduce this Anxiety. She Just could not shake it off, even after attending many anxiety treatments over the years.

Katrina had concerns that her daughter might end up with similar stress anxiety symptoms, monkey see monkey do. She was determined to tackle her anxiety condition naturally! During her healthy mindset to Turn off the Negative mind Chatter, she noticed significant Calm, reduced Anxiety and increased Energy levels, leading to feelings that were so wonderful for her to live a life no longer of Fear trying to mix socially with people.

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Today Katrina is living a Happier life transferred from Brisbane to Canberra with her own Power Tool Box of natural healing and affirmations from the Mastery Mindset sessions she attended. Today she has a new baby boy having confidence to share comfortable with her children creating magic moments instead of living in an anxious world.

This revealing melting moments, shared by Katrina when she said:

“The greatest joy I get from all the positive changes I have made is hearing my family commenting on how much happier I am and less stressed. It means a lot to me to offer a better version of myself to those I love and care for.”

These changes have been so significant for Katrina to live a life of joy and abundance, which now reflects back today to her children and family. As everyones lives are a reflection of what we believe.

Each day we need to visit our blessings in life, to enjoy who we are and what we do but it is not until we protect the child within us. This can be challenging and varies for every individual depending on what has happened in our past. Sometimes the child requires to feel safe. Safe to speak, safe to do things, safe to smile, safe to run and safe to play. It is not until we spend time with our frightened child then we can go past stuck stages of life.

To do this we need support and direction to release the layers of ……….what troubles you.

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