Are you Successful?

Yesterday I had a taxi driver ask me a question, “Are you successful?” Of course, my reaction was, “Yes I am”. However, it made me consider What is Success?

As I look back over my life of 58 years, I see my grown adult children, solid in their foundations to living a good life and now having their own delightful children. Seeing my family happy and fulfilling their dreams is success to me.

A major foundation to my success, is my relationship with God and my husband of 37 years. We’ve grown together and enjoyed each other’s company. Like all of us, we’ve had our ups and downs, however we’ve made it through. We’ve talked and cried – this is success to me.

Then there is work, creating a successful business of 25 years that has helped many women go from Suicidal Tendencies to loving and living life. Women with digestive disorders being able to travel the world confidently. Helping anxious woman who have trouble socialising to become confident yoga instructors.

So YES, my work has been successful.

My health is the next big rock – something that I’ve had to work at. 25 years ago I had a severe lump in my pancreas forcing me to STOP, take care of myself. To spend time on me and to know I am worthy of goodness.

Learning how to care for my health and being able to firstly nurture my body, and second to sustain it with good food and three embracing exercise. However, the two biggest challenges of them all has been four Mastery my Mindset, and five Feeling Calm and Happy today. This sounds easy and I continue the 5 Keys today, particularly the last two as I go through transition in my life.

So YES, I am successful, and it didn’t happen overnight, it happened because I worked at it. Taking care of myself by having time out to discover my personal truth.

My answer to the question Am I successful? YES and I will continue to be successful in these three big rocks of my life that I mentioned

  1. health
  2. relationship
  3. work

I hope you can say YES I am successful

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