Are your Negative Beliefs holding you back?

I wasn’t living life I was just existing!

25 years ago my life was so so different!

My life wasn’t living, I was just existing  being a wife and mother of two children, 5 and 7 years old.

I was giving life to everyone else, I had forgotten about nourishing my own health.

Feeling sad, lonely and unworthy, not allowing or knowing how to be my best and therefore not sharing this with anyone especially my family.

Totally exhausted, to the point of feeling drained all the time. My cup was empty!

My self-esteem was non-existent and I found it difficult to mingle and meet with people.

I felt sick looking at food or even thinking about food. While preparing or eating food was a nightmare, making it difficult to arrange for the family including myself.

This was not living life!

My negative beliefs consumed me, I was not nourishing my life physically or emotionally.

I didn’t know what to do to help myself.

Support and guidance was required to re energise, feel strong again physically and emotionally, to turn off the negative patterns of low self-esteem. Helping me to flourish and enjoy life including embracing my family again.

However, where could I go to learn how to do this? Who could help little old me?

Somehow my homeopath, opened the door, her caring and sharing of natural knowledge. Particularly Reflexology commenced a journey to heal and nurture my body physically.

Teaching me how to sustain nourishment through eating correct food for my body type and condition of ill health.

Now as years have passed, I have continued the journey to heal naturally and share 5 Keys through my healing business with hundreds of people.

The most profound of these keys to calm, confidence and contentment was, and still is to tackle the negative beliefs.

Looking back these have stopped me from

1. speaking out
2. feeling comfortable in the crowd
3. taking action to enjoy life with confidence

For where our thoughts go your life flows!

This has made me miss out on so much of living life, which is very sad to say. Please don’t let this happen to you.

For thoughts become our actions, they are embedded into every cell of our body and are reflected physically and emotionally into our lives. Often creating disease, fear and anger within, therefore not living a happy life.

Constantly we need to

If you are like me and want to renew your mind, to stay youthful inside and out, join the women’s health hub here and LIVE life today.


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