Bountiful Love Begins Within

Our greatest gift is LOVE!

It costs nothing financially to give, it starts within, and it is a gift to cherish once established.

Love brings Joy, Goodness, Confidence, Peace and understanding along with Acceptance.

Such magic for all to behold.

However, fear, pride, anger sadness and forgiveness can stop people from feeling Love.

I’ll give you an example

  • By Cooking a meal – The energy of a person flows through into the meal being prepared. Have you ever sat down to eat a meal that was put together with anger? I have. My son was in a bad mood one time when it was his turn to cook the dinner. The food presented on the plate was not a good look. The atmosphere in the air at the dinner table did not go down well either. His anger energy came through into his food presentation.
  • While love shared in a meal while preparing helps the food to taste nicer
  • Cleaning the kitchen or house – If you feel upset or annoyed cleaning the house you’ll find the job difficult frustrating and annoying not necessarily doing a good job. The only person you are hurting is yourself. Aim to put on some uplifting music, sing along. This helps the time and job go quickly and efficiently, releasing boredom to see the good results achieved with love.
  • Speaking to someone with pure love – The conversation goes deeper you connect with the person and life becomes stronger. However, a conversation with irritability consumes both parties and creates negativity.

Love can be passion for life. Passion to be confident to be yourself. For when life is full of love, calm steps in and life feels lighter, as if floating, leading to life flowing, and growing.

Therefore Bountiful love begins within you. Learning how to turn off your negative mind chatter to feel it in your heart can be tricky. click here to learn how

To embrace, embody good thoughts, words and deeds is to be LOVE click on Free 5 Step Video Course

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