Break the cycle – 5 Habits to Release the Worry Loop

Is your Worry Loop stopping you living life?

Do you want to hide? Or only want your own company?

You shake as if you are shivering when worry overtakes you?

Are your emotions are so overwhelming you find it difficult to leave the house?

Do you find it uncomfortable to talk to people?

Do your eyes well up with tears at the drop of a hat?

Why does this worry and anxiety stop you from living life?

You worry about the smallest thing and you just want that thought to STOP. No matter what you do you just can’t

You’ve tried to focus on breathing correctly

You’ve written down your thoughts and even popped a pill but still the worry loop goes round and round

These constant thoughts stop you in your tracks it affects your energy and creates stress to your life

If only someone would listen

If only someone would help me click below


If only you could get over these overwhelming emotions repetitive thoughts and then life would be enjoyable

Over the past 25 years I have shared and applied these 5 Key Habits to unlock Heartfelt lives, to create calm for many applying these daily activities below. Effectively releasing the worry loop, sedating the overwhelm and creating a better world for all.

   Daily Habits to Release the

             Worry Loop


Your Body

 Rub calming ear points

Have regular acupuncture and or massage treatments

Embracing Physical


 Slow and gentle or brisk walk 10-20 minutes

Focus on deep conscious breathing


Your Mindset

  Repeat affirmation –

 ‘I am doing the BEST I can with what I know right now.”

Have Quiet time

Sustaining Nourishment Daily   First thing in the morning drink a warm glass of water

Chew food well at each meal

Eat moist food from God’s Garden

Drink 1 ½ – 2 litres of water a day this can include these herbal teas,  peppermint,  dandelion, chamomile, green, or nettle


Happy & Calm


 Stop and be mindful

Hug yourself

Have some fun, sing or watch a comedy

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