Ways to invigorate Lung Energy

Recently at an acupuncture appointment, I discovered through pulse diagnosis my lung energy was low and required support to balance


5 Tips to Aid Digestion

When the stomach is upset and people feel sick they find it difficult to participate in daily activities. Making living


Kickstart your Body

What a beautiful morning, spring is in the air! The morning started as usual going for an early morning run


Quinoa and Beetroot Frittata

Quinoa and Beetroot Frittata         Ingredients • ½ cup quinoa, cooked • 3 large beetroots, peeled and cut


Trail Mix (GF)

This recipe is one of my tasty favourites so easy and wonderful for so many minerals in our diet including


Grab n Go Snacking

Often when stressed, bored and time-poor we reach for food that is not healthy for us. Such as unsavoury foods


Your Confidence Revealed

Having Confidence can Change your Life. These days we trap ourselves into a corner of being: Time poor Personal demands

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