Your Ph - Your Hormones
and the Power to

How Your Ph – Your Hormones – Your Environment Are Critical Connections impacting Vibrant and Long-Term Sustainable Health


This is an introduction to 3 of 7 Pillars the initial part of my Kickstart the Metabolism in a 21-day Boot-camp

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My name is Charmaine Renaud a Chinese Medicine Practitioner for over 25 years in the natural health industry helping people care for their health.


You can learn how to REJUVENATE YOUR BODY’S VITALITY (Energy up – Weight down – Pain released) Even if the idea of a kickstart/detox is challenging, I know that anyone (including you) can learn to RESET your body clock for Long Term Sustainable Health


This initial informative introduction is just $20.90 — but really is – worth lots more – You will take pages of notes.


I’LL COVER 3 of the 7 Pillars to “Kickstart the Metabolism”


Pillar 1: Everyday Effects of a Powerful Metabolic Detox

Pillar 2: Gut Health Restored – the pH Balancing Act

Pillar 3: BALANCING MICROBIOTA – Harmonising Internal External
Pillar 4: Menu Planning – Critical Energy Effects
Pillar 5: HOME & BODY DETOX – (seven years of research)
Pillar 6: Hormone Disruptor – Plastic Environment
Pillar 7: Motivational Home Healing Toolbox


We’re not merely existing anymore. These Pillars reveal ultimate health choices used daily – FOREVER!


Energy down – Weight up – Chronic Back Pain Gone! Sharon S, Busy Mum


At first Kickstart/Detoxing can be a daunting task, and often we wonder why we put our hands up. However, a client commented on how she had restarted the old engine and now has her spark and youthfulness back. A bonus has been losing 3 kilos and is
closer now to her pre-children weight.


FOR SURE – Eating Well + Exercise is NOT Enough!


To sustain Healthy living FOR LIFE … We Must Understand How to Kickstart the Metabolism,


When you do it right – friends and colleges will ask ‘How do you keep so Healthy?’ We all want that … right?


And …


Besides walking you through the 7 Pillars to “Kickstart the Metabolism”


I’ll also teach you…


Organic Living – Back to Basics – removing “CLUTTER” (I love this one)




Kickstart the Liver – Homely Fermentation you can do




Personal Power Toolbox – DETOXING Made Simple – Not taught anywhere else


Peta R, Working Woman – To say doing a detoxification program was a Positive experience is an understatement! For me, it was a Complete Renewal.


You will gain clarity and certainty on how to Kickstart the Metabolism. This one-hour session will whiz by, YET you will be full of actionable knowledge.


I sincerely hope you’ll join me!




I have been called The Pocket Rocket of Natural Healing. For sure I am different and that’s good news for you. I can help you Kickstart to reach your own Ideal Body – with no fear – no hesitation – no restrictions.


It’s happened for my clients – It can happen for you as well.


OK – Let me take just a minute to tell you a bit about – “The Kickstart the Metabolism 21-day Boot-camp” commencing 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th of March and also the 4th of April.


Our bodies are designed to process and remove toxins via key elimination channels including the digestive system, liver and kidneys. However daily toxic burdens via diet, occupation, environmental or lifestyle can create resistance.


A tailor-made program for individual health needs, will support TOTAL rejuvenation to Kickstart the Metabolism.

Register your interest to Kickstart and receive your FREE cleanse and detoxify program

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