Every 7 years a female body is in a state of change

We all know hormones are part of a woman’s life however sometimes there is the physco woman who sneaks out or the bitchy one who is fuming inside. Each of these devils can be tamed and this is where I can help you.


Twenty-five years ago, I had a severe lump in the pancreas that was making me feel sick every day. This was my turning point to commence the journey to natural healing. As a mother of 2 and wife I was always looking after everyone else and putting myself last.


It was at this point I needed to fight, to become healthier and kickstart my metabolism to feel fantastic again by learning a new lifestyle.
This did not come as an overnight solution, it was a journey of discovery to implement strategies including finding people who could help me clear my past and move to a healthy future.


As I looked around there where many other women having hormonal health and emotional concerns and I wanted to assist them to age gracefully. This was big for me to step out of my comfort zone of insecurities, low self-esteem and poor health to
help women be their authentic self.


Today I am so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude for their positive change and the wonderful lives they live.

Every 7 years a female body is in a state of change and to help keep her spark full of energy, confidence, and calm for women it has been the dynamic program like Master your Hormones.

The program sessions delve into:

  1. The everyday life effects on Hormones and Nutrition
  2. Discover how to beat the Menopause Trap
  3. Release the sneaky 7 Hormonal Dwarfs and become Snow White again
  4. Be aware to calm the Stressful Hormonal Red Flags
  5. Save Your Ladies – A daily Breast routine
  6. Easy Home Healing Strategies to start right away
  7. Supportive Health goals revealed


I will share this goose bump story with you


Kay – 60 years of age, constantly getting embarrassing hot flushes at work while serving her customers. It was difficult to sleep restfully and she was constantly feeling on the EDGE all the time. Like a time bomb, of not sure when she would explode. She came into my
clinic very hesitant. After 20 days her hot flushes dissipated and in 3 weeks of supplements and treatments she was over her hot flushes.


Her husband asked if she was alright, as she was not the worry wart in their marriage anymore and life was easier and more pleasant.


I will tell you a little secret. I have met several women like Kay who have been on HRT for 10 years and they believed they were over menopause. To find going off HRT they still had hot flushes often these ladies by this time in their 70s. Not to mention the risk of blood clots or breast cancer due to medications.


Please don’t let this happen to you!


I am at my healthiest ever today, paddling 24km in 4 hours in one day but I have never been able do my total wellness all on my own. Over the years there have been many healers who have helped me through acupuncture, massage, kinesiology, herbal medicine to find the best outcome for my natural journey. Now in my Master your Hormones program I can share this journey with you.

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