Mental Upheaval Transformed

One of my memorable moments shared by Rita a 62-year-old lady was her transformation of mental upheaval to an uplifting life after attending the Negative Mind Chatter program. Here is what she said:

For quite a long time I was bogged down with the negative things that were happening around me.  I found it difficult to clear my mind and was in a constant state of uncertainty and mental upheaval.  From when I first woke in the morning till falling asleep the “Negative Mind Chatter” was never far away.  I knew I needed to do something about this, and your program offered me that something.

The thing that I discovered along this journey was that I CAN control how I cope with the issues that pop up and lead to the Negative Mind Chatter.  I found that by following the processes that you discussed, I have a choice on what path I take going forward.  I can leave the things that don’t really matter behind.

I feel now that I have more self-confidence to say what I feel about things and there is no longer a need to bottle my thoughts.  The “saying” may take the form of a journal entry but I have put “it” out there rather than dwelling on “it”.  I feel calmer and more contented within myself.

Your mind is a Powerful Tool if you take control and learn how you can be Yourself today. Join in the next online weekly program and accept your life with outcomes you desire.

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