Receive the Good in Life

The saying It just fell into my lap! Is because these people were ready to receive?

They were open!

Maybe there is some truth in this, to accept and acknowledge the good in ourselves or what people are giving to us.

For when you go go go, regularly you move past the good in life.

Whether it is

  • smiling coffee attendant
  • the worker who has put in extra hours to present a document to you
  • your son or daughter has created a masterpiece

However, you are too busy to stop and truly see what has been created by these thoughtful individuals.

Often missing a special gifted moment for all to share in.

When we go go go, we don’t observe or accept what is around us. This restricts us from receiving any good.

Maybe, it’s time to unlock the mind, to live in the present each day.

If we were to consider someone giving you a gift. To receive this gift, you have to put out your hands and accept it. To see what is inside you may need to sit down to open this gift. Once opened a discovery of what it actually is inside can be observed. This can give you the privilege to express, your thank you.

Therefore, accepting it and receiving it gracefully.

However, when we are on the go, the same gift-giving scenario creates a different outcome. Let’s consider for a moment, someone gives you a gift you might grab it, put it on the desk and run off to do something else or another appointment that needs to be done.

This is Doing and not Being in the moment. To hear more about the doing project click on the photo below

At midnight you stop and remember the gift given, to consider what the gift giver has shared. You open it and realise they have spent hours making that special gift just for you.

However, because you are running around, you missed the magic of the gift-giving moment.

Not accepting to receive and live in the present.

The next day you may need to go back and purposefully say thank you to the giver.

Learning to receive gracefully is an amazing gift of life.

This can be the same for our personal lives. If we stop to receive who we are and accept the good in us, we will be able to be the person we truly want to be.

Receiving and acknowledging our own personal gifts is like this. It is vital and important to love ourselves to be ourselves and live in the present.

Today Position yourself to Stop, Unlock your mind and receive the good in your life.

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