Traditional Acupuncture

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Traditional Acupuncture – Drug Free

The living body is an electrical device – Acupuncture helps upgrade the software!

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture are really the same., Used widely for pain relief, relaxation, hormonal conditions and body revival, it helps Restore – Balance – Freeflow through the body. The human body has fourteen “energy circuits” throughout called Meridians. These Meridians have over 500 acupuncture points (ditches) that can be blocked or damaged from accidents, lifestyle, and heredity, creating pain, anxiety or illness affecting smooth free flowing of these Meridians of energy (Qi) flow.  An acupuncture treatment helps the body to have an electrical upgrade assisting natural, internal healing process. 

Today, Traditional Acupuncture is recognised by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

This is an Assessment outline observed during an Acupuncture Electrical Upgrade

A case history is taken, which involves questions of family, lifestyle, work and psychology. There are NINE individual pulses on each arm, as a practitioner I am feeling the rate, the tension, depth and width, including the positioning helps reflects the internal body. This is a True skill. 

Next you will be asked to Poke out the tongue which helps to reveal the coat, colour, shape and cracks displaying the internal body wellness of the body. Include facial recognition and physical palpation of the body helps to indicate the state of disease, condition of blood and Qi (energy) to a trained eyed – so many answers about an individual’s health can be exposed.

Once this information is understood, it is time to treat the body through Traditional Acupuncture by usually lying down to help relax and balance the body.

Acupuncture is a safe natural treatment using either ultra-fine sterile, stainless steel needles inserted into specific areas along meridians of the body which are called “ditches” or acupuncture points. This is not to be a Painful Experience – you may feel a mild sensation but you are not to feel pain. Creating a Drug Free healing environment and all the needles are safely disposed post a treatment.

Depending on the diagnosis/condition of the patient the needle penetration will vary in depth required to tonify/sedate, for internal/external, excess/deficiency or a yin/yang condition. Helping create a natural smooth flow of blood and Qi for equilibrium.

Included in a treatment, maybe Cups applied for tight muscles (explained soon) or moxa (called Moxibustion) a Chinese herb stick, box or loose herb applied on certain areas/points to nourish, warm and or calm the mind/body. Fabulous for period pain and anxiety to centre and restore true balance.

Acupuncture helps Treat:

  • Linking of body, mind and emotions, creating balanced hormones
  • Common ailments – PMT, migraine, headache, menopause, muscle pain, constipation, digestive problems, sinus issues, arthritis, sporting injuries, carpal tunnel, coughs and colds, frozen shoulder, psoriasis, dermatitis, stroke, palsy, sprains, urinary incontinence and weight loss (phew) – plus many non-common ailments
  • Fertility & IVF treatments
  • DRUG Free pain relief and holistic approach to good health
  • Assisting disease prevention and correction

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