Trail Mix (GF)

This recipe is one of my tasty favourites so easy and wonderful for so many minerals in our diet including good bone health. Please enjoy


1 cup Sunflower seeds

1 cup Pumpkin Seeds (Pepitas)

1 cup Currants

Tamari to taste


Have close by a glass or metal bowl and a shaker of tamari.

Dry roast the Sunflower Seeds in a heavy skillet on top of the stove at medium heat.  Stir constantly until evenly roasted (10-15 minutes).  Taste test. While they are still piping hot transfer the seeds into the bowl and sprinkle liberally with the tamari and stir thoroughly with a large wooden spoon.

The seeds should be hot enough to drive the water from the tamari (there should be a sizzling sound when the tamari is added).  Continue stirring until there is no more obvious moisture on the seeds.  Spread out in a large pan to cool.

Repeat the above process with the Pumpkin Seeds.  When roasted these begin to pop and puff up. Mix the two batches of seeds together with the currents. The trail mix may need further drying in a very low oven.


After the mix has completely cooled store in an airtight container in the fridge.


VARIATIONS: experiment with proportions as well as adding roasted nuts and other dried fruits.

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