Your Confidence Revealed

Having Confidence can Change your Life.

These days we trap ourselves into a corner of being:

  1. Time poor
  2. Personal demands
  3. Expectations from others and the past

Feeling time poor can be a habit of running around jugging life, doing many things for others and forgetting to stop and nourish oneself.

While we put personal demands on ourselves creating overwhelm, to get everything done which invades our joy and creates anger or resentment, affecting one’s personal confidence.

Regularly, these are expectations from the past and continue throughout life affecting our reactions. Often saying yes to do something without realising, it is not what you actually want to do.

However, there are 3 ways to rebuild your confidence

  1. Stop Pause Reflect
  2. Personal journaling
  3. Relax Unwind Breathe

Each of these are not difficult to do however persistently done they can change a woman’s life for calm, confidence and contentment.

Let’s take a look at each one.

  1. When was the last time you stopped, paused, reflected? It may only for 5-10 minutes. Not difficult however being mindful to be present makes the world of difference to be centred.
  2. Not everyone loves to write down their thoughts as it can be difficult to express our true feelings. Another fear is what if someone sees these inner feelings that are written on paper. A journal is for your eyes only not to be shared unless you wish to. It actually gets your left and right side of the brain working to release it from mulling over the thought or situation all the time.
  3. To relax unwind and breathe, opens the airways helping your posture and clears the mind. When this is achieved correctly, confidence is always present giving you the ability to speak up and have energy to do life easily.

By opening the box of these three confidence threads, allows a personal outcomes of

  1. Freedom to enjoy life
  2. A chance to be yourself
  3. Feeling contentment within

This opportunity allows freedom to live your life without worrying about other people’s expectations or believes affect your desires.

Giving you a chance to have Confidence to be yourself without feeling other people’s demands or past beliefs affect your direction or personal beliefs giving you an amazing feeling of contentment. Standing tall even though many things are being thrown your way

Need help opening your personal box click here to join in the Women’s Health Hub inner circle or give me a call


    1. Margaret, Having these light bulb moments can change ones life. I hope the same for you, Charmaine

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